Celebrating the people who have transformed their lives with the help of Deborah's Individualized "Plan"

"I've only been working with Deborah for two months but she has changed my life! The daily intense pain and joint swelling from Fibromyalgia had taken away my function and robbed me of my ability to care for myself and my family the way I wanted to.  I thought that this was it and I would have to live the rest of my life this way.  And it was only getting worse.  I could hardly move most days. I knew something big had to change when my husband had to keep helping me walk from room to room.  


Deborah is helping me eat to control my pain and deal with the emotions I have bottled up for so long.  Working with Deborah I have discovered a peaceful happiness that I have never experienced.  Being on Deborah's program has helped me to get back my clear thinking ability.  I have finally come out from the brain fog!  My family is happier because I am happier and able to deal with life.  Im so excited to see how far I can go and enjoy the journey along the way!  Not only has Deborah helped me regain my function and decrease my pain, she has helped me find happiness within myself."



/// Devorah Pendergrass

/// Debra Cope

"It's amazing how much damage careless eating can do to your body and mind.  I didn't know where to start looking for help.  Then I learned that my friend Debbie Youngblood was a nutritional coach...and everything came together.  Debbie helped me to understand what the wrong foods were doing to my body and my overall health.  Then she showed me what foods would be better for me personally.  She gave me recipes so that I could cook those foods properly.  It took a few weeks for my body to adjust, but finally I'm feeling better.  My brain fog is lessening, so that I can concentrate better and think more clearly.  Debbie is also helping me work on my mood.  So years of damage are being reversed! I finally feel that there's hope for me to improve my health and happiness."




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Deb Today

"I'm not one to eat vegan food but Deborah's vegan and gluten free food is delicious. I would eat anything she put in front of me."

/// Nicholas P.

" I have been a client of Debbie's for about six months now.  She has been very helpful in giving me emotional support and in diet planning.  As a result I have lost 15 pounds and now have the mindset to continue following her regimen.  Thank you Debbie."

///Lorna Betten


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Lorna Today

Changing your diet is no easy task or goal but when you have someone who is understanding, motivating, patient and informative it makes this life change not only achievable but enjoyable. Ever since me and my husband started this journey with Deborah we have felt the benefit in our lives. I personally feel more energized and with less anxiety. My skin has reduced its inflammation and I have a lot less red spots.  I never thought that changing my diet would benefit me in such great ways. 


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